OSHA Compliance

4020bd95-2046-47b4-a365-f177bdb927c1_lAurora Safety offers a wide variety of expertise in assisting companies in complying with OSHA requirements. We are able to address the current climate of heightened enforcement thanks to the expertise of Michael J. Fagel, PhD.,CEM.

We customize safety and health audits to address any occupational safety and health issue, and are suited for companies of all sizes, from small organizations to the largest corporations with multiple locations. Michael J. Fagel, PhD.,CEM can help to identify many hazards, program deficiencies and potential OSHA violations and address them immediately. We offer customized safety and health expertise to guide and direct compliance with regulations. If your company has been cited by OSHA we may be able to provide support to help mitigate penalties and citations.

Threat Assessment

fe9dfcd5-9e15-40a3-adb9-9f33b37dd62dMichael J. Fagel, PhD.,CEM, PhD.,CEM and Aurora Safety are able to assist your organization or facility in threat risk assessments, vulnerability, and training. Our team includes former Secret Service, FBI and Military analysts that have worked in a broad range of venues and operations. We can enhance your security quotient by a thoughtful analysis to assist you.

Active Shooter Prevention Training

Michael Fagel offers a training program designed to help build critical skills that law enforcement officers acting as first responders need to effectively respond to mass consequence events, including criminal acts, terrorist attacks, and other large-scale emergencies.

The program provides training, guidelines, and resources to address issues such as using a system of command to achieve a coordinated and effective incident response. The practical application of sound response principles is the main theme of this training program.

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